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With Love, Claudia

Welcome back y’all! Alright so we are a few days away from Mothers Day and as a Mexican American I grew up celebrating two Mothers Day. In Mexico, Mothers Day is celebrated on May 10th, today! To celebrate, I decided to make today’s post a tribute to my grandmother.

My grandmother passed away when I was about five or six, but I have always felt a really deep connection to her. I attribute all of my talents, goals, and dreams to her.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that creating clothing would be what I wanted to do for the rest of my life but as I got older and began to learn more and more about my grandmothers life, that calling began to take on a whole new meaning.

My grandmother was a woman with a difficult upbringing who was never given the opportunity to be properly understood. She became an entrepreneur out of necessity and excelled in it because it was something that was always within her. She was strong and brave with the mind of a sophisticated woman.

Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I would have had more time with her; to understand who she was and what her dreams were but, God always has a reason and she has been one of my biggest angels.

I hear from my mom and some of my aunts that my grandmother was the type of woman who had an eye for design. She loved to change things up in their home and was great at recreating fashion trends. Traits like these I see in my mother and in myself and consider it a privilege to have any ounce of her in me. She was one hell of a woman.

Learning all that I can about her is an absolute honor because I don’t have her here physically and unfortunately, I don’t remember her that well.

These photos and a beautifully crotched table cloth that was passed down to me is what I have left of her that are personal but my mother and stories of my grandmas life are what I will forever cherish. My goals and dreams revolve around turning my passion into a career so that I can take care of my family and honor, and thank, my grandmother for the amazing gifts she passed down to me.

She will forever be my guidance and my biggest motivation. May 10th is forever her day.

With love,


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