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Thrift Store Scores

I don’t know about y’all but I love me a good thrift store! I recently visited one of the local thrift stores in South Carolina and oh my was I in heaven. So, the store is called Sid and Nancy and you can buy, sell, and trade but, they are quite selective with the items they purchase, which is actually great because it means that they offer key pieces that may be missing from your closet. Walking in I went straight to the women’s section of course, it is a small shop but they have plenty tp choose from. Their women’s selection was amazing ranging from tops, pants, denim, dresses, and jackets it was awesome. The men’s section offered a huge selection of items as well. Towards the back they had a variety of shoes, again at great prices. Obviously they had many more items and just the overall vibe is super dope.

Now I had to place a budget when visiting because I would have left with half of the store and I still had other errands to run. But, the three items I did pick up were a vintage sequin jacket in red, a Tupac t-shirt (because I live in t-shirts), and a men’s Golden Girls t-shirt, which I love because hello, it’s the Golden Girls. I took a few pictures of each items and styled them the way I would more or less wear each item. Now I am not sponsored by Sid and Nancy to write this, I just wanted to share this exciting thrifting experience with you all.

Have a great weekend!



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