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The Benefits of Customization

Something that I have been completely obsessed with, since learning how to sew, is customizing my clothing to represent my style and personality. One of my favorite ways to do just that is to add patches and embroidery to clothing, such as jackets.

I decided to take a camo jacket that I have had for a few years and add a variety of patches to it. Each patch represents me and some patches are handmade by me and a couple that I purchased through an online store called Hellbound. What I really like about this process is that I control what goes on the jacket and where. Aside from that, I am also able to choose what I want the patches to look like, which I absolutely love.

Here is a look at my jacket, the overall goal is to pretty much cover most of the jacket in patches, so this is just part one.

Some of my favorites so far, are the sequin patches because sewing sequin always seemed so daunting but once I actually put needle to sequin, it turned out to be really easy. Have a great Thursday y’all!!



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