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Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect

They say “practice makes perfect” and while I don’t consider myself to be close to perfect, I will say that practice has helped me get that much closer. Last weekend I decided to embark on a project that has been quite daunting to me for the past few years.

When I first started sewing I was very ambitious and would take on crazy sewing projects. Of course, because I was still learning and for the most part learning on my own, many of those sewing projects did not come out great. I never let that stop me.  As time went on I continued to sew but, focused on perfecting what I did know, from simple tasks like straight stitching to basting and even just learning the measurement on the sewing machine, I made sure I knew the basics and understood them as well as I possibly could.

Fast forward to last year, moving to South Carolina opened my mind to all of the things I was already good at doing when it came to sewing and I decided to put needle to fabric. My biggest fear of sewing is not being good enough and not living up to the expectations others have of me. So cliché, right? But those fears really freeze my creativity and stop me in my tracks. As of the new year I decided to completely block those fears and all negativity and just jump right back into those ambitious projects. And that is exactly what I did.

So, this is probably the third dress I have sewn since I began sewing a few years ago. I have to say, it came out pretty rad and much better than I expected. I found that once I learned and understood how garments were pieced together, the projects were no longer daunting and all that fear was really just ridiculous.

Now I am not great at snapping photos of my process because I get lost in the moment and before I knew I day turned into night, my vision was beginning to blur, my back was beginning to give out and the dress was pretty much done. But I did manage to snap a few before and after shots, check them out:

dress 01dress 10dress 8dress 11dress 1dress 6dress 5dress 3dress 4

The dress is from a 70’s McCall pattern and I am just in love with it. What is so great about patterns is that you can take them and completely make them your own by simply changing things like the length of the skirt or the style of the sleeves, the possibilities really are endless. Have a great Monday y’all.



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