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One Yard > One T-Shirt

During a wartime era of austerity in 1940, the Simplicity pattern company conducted a one-yard blouse contest. This contest was created during an era where sustainability and economical ideas were as relevant as they are today, even more. The contest was simple: create an economical yet fashionable blouse from only one-yard of fabric. The designer who met the criteria would have their pattern produced and sold as the grand prize.

Over the weekend I decided to take on the challenge and create a t-shirt using a single yard of fabric. It was a task I thought would be a lot harder than it actually was but I managed to produce a chic t-shirt that would style well all year round. Why did I decide on a t-shirt? It’s simple really, I am a tomboy at heart and although I have a love for the beauty and creativity fashion brings to the world, I am a t-shirt aficionado and just love that they are a versatile piece of clothing.

Here is my process:

I began by choosing a shirt from my closet that would serve as inspiration.

Next, I gathered the tools I would need including: a sewing machine, fabric scissors, grey cotton thread, fabric chalk, an iron and a yard stick.

tools .png

I thenĀ  laid out my yard of fabric, created a pattern similar to the shirt above, and cut out every piece.

tshirt 16

I began with sewing the sleeves first…

tshirt 18

Then the neckband.

tshirt 17

Next, I sewed the shoulders of both the front and back of the shirt together.

I continued by sewing the sides of the shirt together to create a closed body.

After, I sewed the neckband onto the neckline.

I sewed each sleeve to the appropriate armhole.

To finish the shirt, I hemmed the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves and pressed the entire shirt.

The result:


This challenge was very rewarding because it forced me to really think outside the box, as far as fitting a pattern on a single yard of fabric and making use of every inch of that yard. I would totally take the challenge on again but maybe take on a different piece of clothing such as a blouse or a skirt! The possibilities are endless really, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to lay your pattern and getting the measurements right.



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