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Inspiration Explosion

Design aesthetic and the creative process are part of who a designer is.

One of the great things about taking design courses are the creative practices you learn along the way. Each process has taught me different ways in which to rid myself of that creative block that makes its presence known every so often.

One of my favorite practices is one that is referred to as “inspiration explosion.” It is a great technique used to unlock creativity, focus the eye, help create connections, and it gives you a better sense of your aesthetic.

The task is simple: clear a table, set your timer for five minutes, walk around your house and gather items that speak to you. DON’T THINK, JUST GRAB. Once you are done set your timer for another five minutes and take the time to manipulate the items on a table.

explosion 11

What’s in my explosion photo?
-An 80’s sequined jacket, metallic turquoise mascara tube, a gold necklace, western earrings, embroidery floss, and a sprinkle of multicolored sequins.

Stay tuned for part two of this creative practice where I have to create an accessory inspired by the explosion photo!



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