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Inspiration Explosion, Pt. 2

Alright everyone, if y’all tuned in last week and read my Inspiration Explosion post welcome to part two! If you didn’t catch it, well, what are you waiting for?!

Anyway, last week I discussed the process and benefits of creative practices like this one. My favorite thing about this practice is that it encourages me to let go of control and not over think the process. One of the hardest things about the creative process is that there is always an underlying habit of comparing what you are doing to what is popular and what works; it is easy to lose sense of who you are and what sets you apart from everyone else. A challenge for designers is to see things in a new way and to think about new and innovative ways to express ideas through materials.

coke can

When it comes to accessories, the sky really is the limit as to the type of product that can be created. The second part of the Inspiration Explosion practice was to design an accessory based on a photo that was taken for the explosion. The accessory then had to be created using unconventional materials and the overall purpose of this entire creative practice was to show a story arc of aesthetic, inspiration, idea, design, and product.


My overall inspiration for these earrings was the sparkle and shine that came from the sequins, glass, background and the overall feel of the photo I chose. To create the earrings I simply cut strips out from the soda can and wrapped then in a faux copper liner. I then added a gold button to the one on the left along with some pearls. For the right earring I added studs and pearls for that sparkle effect. The reason I decided not to make a matching set is because I have become anti-matching lately; I’m just really into overall aesthetics of style.

I hope y’all enjoyed taking a look at the second part of the Inspiration Explosion practice. I had such a great time creating all of this and may do it more often for the simple practice of exercising that creative nerve.


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