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For. Eh. Ver.

I don’t know exactly when the love for the game started but what I do know is that it was infectious and has been my ultimate love ever since.


One of the things that I will be missing most about California this year is Dodgers Stadium. I grew up in this stadium and it was one of those places that just made life better. Over the years each baseball game added to my ever-growing collection og game day tickets.

tickets 4

tickets 12

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Baseball has played such a huge part of my life since I can remember! I would say that some of my best and most fondest memories were made both on and off the field and in Dodgers Stadium. I played little league baseball with my brother for two years, watched games at stadiums, watched games on TV, and played catch with my brother and dad for most of my life. It cemented a lot of my relationships with family members and taught me so much about life.

My family and I were lucky enough to always get tickets and we went to games whenever we had the chance.

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At some point I decided to start saving my tickets and it just became a thing in my family. Tickets were always saved and then given to me. During our first move in California I lost a few of them but I just picked right back up. One of the older tickets I have is from an Angels game from 2005.

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I grew up in both the Angels and Dodgers stadium and rooted for them equally. As I got older I became obsessed with the Dodgers, their team, history, and stats. It has stuck ever since. Throughout the years I have seen players and managers come and go ,and, have even seen their tickets change from year to year too.


tickets 9

One of my favorite tickets to come out were the ones from 2012, where each ticket included a fact from players of the past.

tickets sandy


It may seem like a strange thing to do but these tickets are memories and mean so much to me. I am such a ride or die fan and we are only a few days away from Opening Day and with the amazing season the Dodgers had last year, I just can’t wait to see how amazing this season is going to be!

Let me know what you all collect that has sentimental value to you or if you’re a sports fan. Have a great FRIDAY!! Also, is the title familiar to any of you?


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