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Hey everyone, I hope y’all are enjoying your Wednesday. I have been doing homework all day and am finally nearing the end. As usual I am getting distracted by everything and anything so i decided to take a quick break and share with you all some of the things I do to stay creative.

Building a career in a very creative industry is so much fun but there are times when I hit a dead-end or just don’t feel inspired much. So when in order to have a constant flow of creativity going at all times, or just regularly, I do different things that inspire me and exercise the creativity within.

I recently took up embroidery and I love it! I love to work on random patterns, mix and match colors, and create one or two patches just to exercise all creative aspects of my mind.


blog books

Reading a good book always helps me! I am such a sucker for love stories, having not had my own just yet, I live vicariously through them. Reading different books helps me imagine every part of the book as a movie complete with wardrobe and settings. It sparks my creativity for design in such a huge way.

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Listening to music is a must when I am creating or working on a project. It helps set the mood and just keeps me going. Music is another huge source of inspiration for me; the feelings I get from listening to different songs are what set the tone for my work. I am a huge fan of psychedelic funk and good ol’ 70’s rock and roll.

blog sewing machine

Being on my sewing machine is my all time favorite place to be. It is where all of my passion lives and the creative process usually starts. There’s something about being on a sewing machine that feels like home and brings me into focus. It has really become my saving grace.

I would love to hear what you all do to stay creative and would love some suggestions!




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