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Covering My World in Sparkle

We are halfway through the week y’all!

Alright, so, a couple fun facts about me, about every month I teach myself (or better yet, YouTube teaches me) a new sewing technique. Fun fact no. two, I am a HUGE fan of the 60’s, 70’s, and the disco movement! The fashion from each of these is by far my favorite ever because there are no rules, it’s all just fun.

For the past few months, I have been learning how to embroider which, then led to my interest in making patches. It is one of my favorite things to do because it really helps me polish my hand sewing skills and it is just an extra stress reliever that just so happens to be something I love to do.

When I look at photos from the disco era, aside from focusing on the fashion, I am always intrigued by the glitz, glitter, and vibrant colors. This obsession led to the idea of finally learning how to sew sequins onto fabric. This task was one that I thought was going to be super hard but ended up being easy, which is great because now I can just add sparkle to anything and maybe even everything. Here’s my process:

I started by gathering my materials which included: 4×8 piece of acrylic felt, a rad pack of multicolored cup sequins, fabric and embroidery scissors, cotton thread, and a fabric pen.


Next, I decided to create patches of the letters “A” and “B” in a representation of my last names. I used Microsoft Word to select the typography and size, printed the letters out, and cut each letter so that they are symmetrical.


Starting with the “A,” I used my fabric marker to trace the letter onto the felt.

Using fabric scissors I cut out the letter.

A felt

After, using fabric scissors, I cut out the letter.
I then strung my needle with light grey thread and started by holding a sequin in place, sewing from the bottom of the fabric up through the middle of the sequin, then came over to the right of the sequin, and repeated the step once more. After finishing the stitch, I turned the letter over and secured the sequin by creating a knot.

Sequin 1

I continued this process until the end, creating horizontal lines across the letter and overlapping each sequin just a little.

Sequin 2

The final product are rad colorful patches that perfectly represents me.

final 2

Let me know what you all think and what some of your hobbies are. Enjoy your Wednesday!





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