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A Penny for Your Quote

I am the type of person who truly believes that everything happens for a reason. This quote is one of those things that appears most when I am doubting myself. It is one of my favorite quotes because I feel like it best relates to the person I was, the person I am today, and the person I have yet to become.

Fear is an all time constant emotion in everyone’s life and for many, life myself, that fear completely stops us in our tracks with the lingering question, “what if?” Personally, I have come to a point in my life where I know what I want, what I deserve, and am open, ready, and willing now more than ever to work my ass off for it, no matter how hard it may seem or how scary the unknown is. Now more than ever I am at a place in life where I have the courage to push past any boundary I put before myself because at the end of the day my dreams and my goals are worth more to me than any comfort zone and any fear I may have.

This quote is such a great reminder of how amazing the finish line will be if you only believe in it and in yourself. What are some your favorite quotes and what do they mean to you? I would love to hear what they are!



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