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Will Travel for Food

Happy hump day y’all and welcome to the second day of May!!

I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying life, I know I am!

Today’s post is all about food, Mexican food that is. Sadly, South Carolina lacks in good Mexican food, every restaurant legit has exactly the same menu and they’re not even owned by the same person. It is so sad. Not to mention that a majority of the items on every menu aren’t even Mexican and everything has queso on it. I never knew queso existed until I got here and realized it’s slathered on almost every dish. But I digress.

My deep cravings for authentic Mexican food have taken me to various food pages on Instagram and I finally found the Holy Grail! Enter Minero.

So, Minero is this dope casual Mexican restaurant carrying the flavors of what makes authentic Mexican food so damn good. They have two locations: Atlanta’s Ponce City Market and historic downtown Charleston (my favorite place ever). Historic downtown Charleston is beautiful to walk through and the historic brick buildings are what dreams are made of. Entering Minero is a mission, kind of, you walk into this almost hole in the wall entrance and climb quite an interesting flight of stairs that lead you into an amazing space with gorgeous chandeliers, beautiful white-washed brick walls, high ceilings, and accents of Mexican -inspired tiles. The tables are made out of rustic wood and the pops of color throughout the restaurant provides a laid back and inviting atmosphere.

Let’s talk about the food!

What is so cool about this place is that the Chef actually travels to Mexico and learns about the flavors, ingredients, and overall culture of the food. Believe me, it shows!

Here’s some of the things we ordered. Disclaimer: it was a two hour drive, my family and I were celebrating, and we were just so excited about this place that we ordered quite a few things and drink.

For starters we had their Guacamole and Chips along with their Queso Fundido, which had roasted poblano, chorizo and was served with handmade tortillas. And yes they really are handmade and have someone from Mexico hand making them. Keep it authentic!

And of course we had to wash it down with some alcohol. My brother is obsessed with trying different tequilas so he ordered a few shots which included a Mazcal that was served with Sal de Gusano (worm salt) and orange slices. When put together it tasted really good and yes that worm salt is kinda funky but worth the try! He later ordered a cocktail called Mr. Niebla which was somewhat similar to a Paloma, so refreshing a pretty in pink! I, on the other hand, have become obsessed with Mezcal and ordered a Mezcal Margarita. Mezcal is much stronger in flavor and smoky compared to Tequila. It takes some getting use to but if you can appreciate it, it’s pretty amazing.

And now for the main course. Let’s take this one by one.

So, my mom ordered a Minero Charcoal Grilled Chicken Platter. It consisted of grilled chicken (duh), cotija cheese, preserved tomatoes, pickled raisins, and mole negro. So goooood! And the presentation, amazing.

Next up, my dad ordered three tacos: a Charcoal Grilled Chicken Taco, Grilled Steak Taco, and Taco al Pastor. The Grilled Chicken taco had unripe mango, cotija, lime pickled red onion, and pasilla de Oaxaca. The Grilled Steak had heirloom peppers, pickled vegetables, queso fresco, and garlic-amarillo. And finally the Taco al Pastor had marinated and grilled pork, pineapple, and avocado puree. Delicious!

My brother ordered their Burrito with Achiote Pork. It consisted of queso Oaxaca, crema, hoppin’ john, avocado, poblano, cabbage, cilantro, salsa verde and was wrapped in delicious melted cheese.

As for me, well I went a little out of my norm and it was so worth it! I ordered the Lunch Taco Combo Plate which consisted of two tacos, I chose Fried Catfish and Grilled Cauliflower, served with refried beans, Carolina Gold Rice, and broccoli salad. Both tacos were out of this world and the Grilled Cauliflower was AMAZING! It had so much flavor that you were couldn’t tell it was cauliflower and not meat.

And of course we had to finish with dessert. We ordered their Daily Feature dessert, Tres Leches cake and a bag of Churros with Mexican Chocolate. I am typically not a fan of Tres Leches cake but this one had orange zest in it and immediately became my favorite cake ever!!! Their churros were big, warm, and so crunchy and they even had a bit of spice to them which was so amazing!

Clearly we pretty much ate our way through the whole menu but how could one resist? So worth the drive and I highly recommend it if you are ever in Charleston or Atlanta. Minero will not disappoint!

Let me know if y’all are fans of Mexican food and what some of your favorite dishes are!



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