Vitamin Sea

What is up everyone? Welcome back and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did. So, my Saturday consisted of running errands and setting up a blogging schedule for the week. Sunday my family and I FINALLY went down to Myrtle Beach.

mbo 4

Growing up in California, of course, I visited many of the beaches that are available to us. Each beach was beautiful in its own way and different from the others but, oh my goodness I have never seen a beach with beauty like this one. I have seen countless movies that were filmed along the coast of North and South Carolina and I always thought that they were so amazing however, I never imagined that the day I stood in front of one of those beaches that it would look better than I could have ever imagined.

mbo 3

Because we visited during, what I imagine is, the off-season many of the businesses were closed but that did not take away from how amazing the boardwalk was. There are tons of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and really just so much to do. It was about forty degrees outside and we couldn’t really handle being outside for too long but, what the hell it was so worth it. The sand was so white, the water was a shade of blue I had never seen before, and there was all this vegetation and these beautiful wooden fences surrounding the beach that just added to its beauty.

mbo 2

The highlight of the trip I would say was riding on the SkyWheel (the huge ferris wheel pictured above) not only was it warm inside the pod but it was just so amazing to look out over the miles and miles of ocean and sand.

I am looking forward to going back once it gets warmer so that we can actually walk on the boardwalk and go into the ocean without freezing our asses off. Let me know how you all spent your weekend and what your favorite beach is. So far, this is definitely my favorite one!


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