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Twenty Six

Welcome back y’all! It is officially the last day of April and seriously, where does the time go?

Anyway, I celebrated my twenty sixth birthday last Wednesday and was pretty stoked. I am not one to dwell on the fact that I am getting older and am reaching my thirties because well, life is short and you just have to appreciate it for what it is, a gift. And dude, come on, twenty six is like a baby’s age.

Now, when asked what my favorite color is I always give two responses: pink and tie-dye! Yes, tie-dye. Tie-dye is more than just a technique to me it is an expression and represents freedom. Aside from that it’s just so badass. So aside from being passionate about sewing and design, I am also a huge fan of baking and therefore am the baker for all birthday cakes in my family. So, for my birthday I decided to go beyond what I usually do and combine my love of cake and baking with tie-dye!

I got a really great recipe for a vanilla cake on Pinterest (I am not a fan of boxed cake mix, it’s great, but I prefer making my own) and let me tell you, this cake tasted like it was fresh out of some pro bakery; simply amazing! Let me take you through some of the steps.

The first thing I did after gathering all of my ingredients was to put them all together, of course.

Now the recipe did state that the finished batter would look curdled and it sure did. It’s not something I am use to and kinda scared me but trust me it is right.

Next, I separated the batter into four separate dishes.

I then added different food coloring gel to each bowl. You can also use regular food coloring but, the gel makes the colors much more vibrant and the cake does not loose any color during the baking process.

Here comes the fun part. Once all of my batter was colored I began to layer each color on top of each other, spreading each layer out ever so slightly just to make room for the next layer.

Pretty cool, right? The next step was to take a knife and drag it through the batter. I used a linear star pattern, I guess that’s what it could be called.

After that I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes. Here’s the result:

To complete the cake I went for a buttercream frosting and added orange extract for an added touch. So worth it!

I don’t look forward to icing a cake because I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times and not being able to evenly frost a cake really bothers me. Nevertheless I always try my best.

I then topped it off with sprinkles because you just can never go wrong with sprinkles!

Cutting into the cake was my favorite part! I was nervous and so excited, it is a lot of work just to make this cake but it was so worth it. Now I love cake and got carried away so I quickly shot this on my phone before I could forget. It still shows off the layers pretty well:

Amazing, right?

I made the cake the night before and kept it refrigerated overnight and the flavors were unbelievably amazing! I definitely recommend y’all to try it; it’s completely worth all the added effort and will not disappoint! Let me now if y’all would like the recipe for the vanilla cake, I promise it will be the only vanilla cake recipe you will ever need.



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