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The Bloom of a New Wish List

Spring Wish ListSpring is only 27 days away and I can not wait! I love the transition from one season to the next, it is such an exciting feeling and time. Spring itself brings that fresh, new beginning kind of feeling and I am all for it. Along with this fresh and new feeling comes the ever so popular, and dreaded, Spring cleaning! Yay! No, I dread the whole spring cleaning ordeal but I must admit that it is refreshing and so helpful, especially when it come to making room for new clothes. These are some of the items I am obsessed with and have made it to my wish list:

  1. I am all for booties but there are stars involved, hook line and sinker.
  2. Colored sunglasses are so much fun and these yellow Ray-Bans scream spring!
  3. I am convinced I should have been born in the 70s, flared jeans are my everything.
  4. A nice white graphic tee to dress up or down is always a must. I love the graphics on this particular one.
  5. I’m really digging this whole straw trend and this round straw cross body is amazing.
  6. I am all for this belt bag and any belt bag for that matter. Long live the fanny pack!
  7. “You’ll know me by my polka dots.” The movie Because I Said So, is the reason behind my strange respect and love for polka dots.
  8. Again the straw trend, this hat is simply perfect in every way.
  9. Safety pin earrings, so badass and so necessary.
  10. Tassel earrings are the best because there is no wrong or right way to wear them.
  11. Overall dress, always comfy.
  12. Steve Madden’s Carrson heel is my favorite shoe ever and in this hot pink color you just can’t go wrong!
  13. Love the color on these sunglasses and well, pink is my favorite color.

I must say I am super excited to get more of straw accessories in my life, they may just turn into my new wardrobe staple. Hope you all enjoyed getting a glimpse at my spring wish list! Let me know what spring trends you’re excited for.


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