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    Sophisticated Yet Seductive Scents

    A new week full of possibilities and a new updated look! Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to be back on my blogging game and decided that the best way to celebrate is through a sweet smelling post, if only you could actually transmit smell through the internet. Coco Chanel was once asked where one should apply perfume and her response was ladylike yet seductive, “where you want to be kissed.” I personally love wearing perfume and always apply two spritz right below my jawbone in the morning and at night and even spritz my clothes once a week. It is the best way to not only smell great…

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    Inspiration Explosion, Pt. 2

    Alright everyone, if y’all tuned in last week and read my Inspiration Explosion post welcome to part two! If you didn’t catch it, well, what are you waiting for?! Anyway, last week I discussed the process and benefits of creative practices like this one. My favorite thing about this practice is that it encourages me to let go of control and not over think the process. One of the hardest things about the creative process is that there is always an underlying habit of comparing what you are doing to what is popular and what works; it is easy to lose sense of who you are and what sets you…

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    Inspiration Explosion

    One of the great things about taking design courses are the creative practices you learn along the way. Each process has taught me many different things to help unlock creativity. On today's post, I write about one of my favorite practices, "inspiration explosion." Check it out!