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Southern Charm on King St.

What’s up everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Here in good ol’ South Carolina it was raining and warm and humid and just… interesting. But no matter how crazy the weather is it doesn’t take away from how much I love it here. My Saturday consisted of finishing the homework I kept putting off all week. I have a tendency of finishing all the short, easy parts of my homework first and leaving the long, hard stuff for the weekend, a habit I tend to break!

Anyway, Sunday was great! The weather: warm and humid but that is ok, again it adds to the charm. My parents and I took a trip to Charleston to check out The Shops at Belmond along King Street, a shopping mall my dad had heard of. The drive was pretty quick, despite it being a little over two hours long and perfectly scenic. Upon arrival there were so many families, couple, groups of friends, and many dogs being walked; everyone was enjoying the nice weather and walking along the closed off street. There were some great stores and what was amazing was that they did not look like ordinary shops at a mall, each store was just in some of the already existing antiquated  buildings. There are tons of hotels surrounding the perimeter, great restaurants, brick covered buildings, palmettos, live music coming from the streets and inside shops, an amazing street band called The Pluff Mud String Band, and tons of southern charm. Check out some of the photos I shot below.

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Have a great Monday!

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