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Happy hump day!

I have become obsessed with the fashion documentaries that Netflix has been bringing out. They all provide so many different lessons, experiences, and journeys that honestly make you realize that not everyone’s journey is the same and you are not alone. It is often easy to forget that these designers that we read about or see are real people with real backgrounds. Some of them comes from families that are completely creative and therefore they grow up equally as creative or take that creativity to the next level. Others either did not grow up around any type of creativity or that creative support from their families or the people around them.

Today I sat down and watched Maddman: The Steve Madden Story. It was such a different experience from watching Zac Posen’s documentary House of Z but, equally amazing. What I appreciated about Steve Madden’s documentary was how raw and real it was as it began chronicling his life from childhood. The entire documentary offers a non-filtered view into the hardships he went through and the prison time he served to his current phase of life where he is rebuilding his company and continuing to be a strong force in the shoe industry.

If you have ever asked yourself who Steve Madden is, this documentary definitely gives you the answer, literally, it is exactly how the film starts. But what I love about Steve Madden is that he has fears just like the rest of us and doesn’t hide them from the camera but, those fears have to turned him into the hustler he is today. A hustler in every sense of the word who has brought along every single person who has had a positive impact in his life. I love that everything he does is done without the need to please others because as he states in the film, it is just something that is impossible. He is an amazing shoe designer who wants to be able to cater to the shoe needs of the everyday fashion forward person. His passion completely oozes out of the screen and it is completely intoxicating. He is something who is not accepted by the high fashion industry and is a proud rebel in his own way (which makes me even more obsessed with him as a person and designer).

Something that Steve proves is that fitting in does not work and does not exist. It is so important to stick to who you are and what you know in order to not just become successful but to be remembered, which is an important aspect of the industry today. If you have seen it let me know what you thought of the film. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for!


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