It Begins With A Step

How’s it going everyone? I hope you are all having a great week. It is finally Wednesday! I have to see it seems like this week has been going by slow but kind of fast at the same time… I know it doesn’t make sense but, let’s just go with it.

Alright so we are on post number two, hell yeah!

Today I figured I would share with you all some of the things I am looking forward to on this blogging journey. Something that I am looking forward to is the experiences I will have creating the content for my blog. Being able to step out of my comfort zone and do things that make me uncomfortable are two things that give me anxiety BUT they also make me excited for the day where that comfort zone is no longer there. I consider my life to be super normal and I am not in the habit of taking photos of the things I do, see, or experience, having said that, I am excited to actually start capturing things not just for the blog but also for the sake of capturing memories. I am looking forward to growing with this blog and seeing who I will become along the way. Most of all, I am looking forward to creating a community and getting to know all of you! I am so stoked, it is going to be quite the journey.

x CA

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