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House of Z

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Wednesday! The weather in South Carolina today was one of my favorite kinds, it was cold, cloudy, rainy, and we even got some snow! Well we got snow flurries but call it what you will, it was still beautiful. Cold weather like this is my favorite because it is perfect for staying indoors with the fireplace on, sipping on some hot chocolate and catching up on some of my favorite shows. And that is exactly what my mom and I did.

We started our day by listening to our horoscopes in the morning, as we do every morning. We then moved on to watching the new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I love Erika, Kyle, and Lisa Rinna, they are the best. Afterwards, we did some work and settled down and watched House of Z on Netflix, finally! We are a little late on watching it because it did come out in 2016 but hey, better late than never right? It was totally worth the wait. If you have not watched it yet I highly recommend you do. It is an amazing documentary that chronicles the rise, fall, and amazing comeback of Zac Posen’s company and reputation. It takes you back to the very beginning, starting with his childhood and family to the beginning of his career in high school, along with an in-depth look at his muses and inspirations. It really gives you a real look into who Zac Posen was growing up that led to the incredible designer he continues to be.

What I love about fashion documentaries, such as this one, is that it shows designers as not just artists but also as human beings. While many may look at fashion as something easy and something that does not require much work, well honey this documentary will show you otherwise. It shows some of my favorite things about fashion, the main one being the craftsmanship that goes into every single piece that we see on the runway. I love everything that goes on behind the scenes at the atelier and within the mind of a designer. And Zac Posen is a breathtaking craftsman in every sense of the word.

His courage and fearlessness is something to be envied and so motivational. It really ties passion, hard work, creativity, and the lessons of life into one perfectly made documentary. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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