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Dry Skin? This Is What You Need!

I just had to share this with you all! I recently paid my dermatologist a visit to discuss the recent outburst of freckles on my face and get some tips on products that could help my dry skin.

I have always used Aveeno products, and still do, while their products work perfect for me their facial moisturizers always left my skin lacking more hydration. My skin tends to dry up a lot, especially after a shower or after washing my face. Lately, it seemed like no matter how much moisturizer I would put on my face my foundation always seemed to look dry after a couple of hours. Even when using a hydrating foundation nothing was really cutting it. The winters here in South Carolina are obviously very different to those in Southern California so that were much of the drastic increase in dryness came from.

Anyway I explained all of this to my dermatologist and she recommended a few different facial moisturizers I fell in love with are from the brand DML. Let me just say that my face has never been as soft and hydrated as it has been since I started using DML. Let me tell you a little about each of them:

DSCF0212 (2)

The DML Forte is an everyday facial moisturizer that is lightweight, fragrance free, and a little dab will do ya. I apply this religiously every night after removing my makeup and washing my face. You can immediately feel your skin soaking up all that moisture and in the morning the difference is noticeable. It ;eaves your skin with an amazing glow! Perfect for year round use.

DSCF0213 (2)

The DML Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 25 is just as awesome as the regular moisturizer. It does have a bit of a sunscreen smell but it is very mild. Along with providing you with sun protection, this moisturizer is also light weight and water resistant, which is a must in the hot and humid South Carolina summers. I apply this every morning after washing my face and let me tell you, I no longer need to apply an type of highlighter to create that dewy effect because this is just so hydrating that it takes care of all the highlighting naturally!

They are both reasonably priced, in my opinion, but I have only been able to find them online. THEY ARE SO WORTH IT!




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